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    PIWebParts in non-sharepoint portals?


      I have been asked by a customer whether the PIWebParts are standard ASP webparts, available to non-sharepoint portal servers such as SAP or IBM's portal server or whether they are tied to WSS/MOSS.


      I seem to recall that there are PI WebParts for SAP but I do not know if those are a separate specific set or whether all the PIWebParts are generic and available to any port server.


      Any ideas?


      --- Alistair

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          Asle Frantzen

          Hi Alistair


          I believe these are a separate kit, and they're named iViews.


          The PIWebparts are Sharepoint webparts, and cannot be run outside the Sharepoint environment.




          We have had a customer which needed to display the RtTrend / PITrend webpart in a normal ASP.NET webpage once, and we solved that by creating a Sharepoint ASPX page with the RtTrend webpart, created a Zen Masterpage (i.e. totally empty) and attached it to the ASPX webpage, and displayed the ASPX though an iFrame in their non-sharepoint environment. (If you want details I can provide that - I also believe I've posted this to the forums some time ago)

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            As has been mentioned the PI Webparts only work within Sharepoint or WSS (Windows Sharepoint Services; which is the basis for MOSS). A MOSS webpart inherits from a different base class which is why they don't work in "normal" ASP.


            As for other portals. OSISoft does provide an equivalent set of iViews for SAP Portal. As far as I'm aware these are a seperate product so you would need to contact your sale person for pricing.

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                Asle Frantzen

                Yes, the solution I was talking about does require a sharepoint server present, for hosting the webparts.


                But even if you don't use Sharepoint in your organisation, you most likely have the free version of Sharepoint (Windows Sharepoint Services) included with some Windows server software. So if you install and configure that to be the host of everything related to RtWebparts/PIWebparts, you can create Sharepoint pages (with or without the special masterpage) and display them through iFrame tags in your normal web page hosting environment.




                Another option is to use a third party visualisation component to display your real time data. I've used 'Dundas Chart' and 'Dundas Gauge' components a lot, these have options to use "realtime data" by polling the server for new data. The Dundas products for Sharepoint don't support PI as data source directly - you have to set up a linked server to PI in MS SQL Server, but the Dundas products for .net is just a programming component which you can databind to any source programmatically (i.e. PI-OLEDB Provider).


                With this third party option you lose the more advanced functionality the OSIsoft products offer, but it all depends on your needs. If you need to have webparts for advanced analytical purposes, PIWebparts is the only option. If you only need a trend, gauge or table to display on a fairly static, corporate display (without any needs for advanced trending/analysis) you can display PI data with other visualisation components.