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    PI-OPC Alarm & Events (OPCAE)


      Does anyone have a good example of using PI-OPCAE to extract Alarms and Events from a control system, write them to PI and display a list in ProcessBook for a time frame.  The ability to search differnt fields in the record would also be of interest.  Screen shots would be appreciated.  This is to help a PI end user.



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          Hi John,


          You have a couple of parts in your question here. For the configuration of PI OPC AE interface, I would recommend that you contact our Techsupport Team for assistance. They would be very well equipped to assist you on this. If you have a OPC AE Server available, you might even want to arrange for a remote session with them to walk through the configuration.


          I do not really have a good example of using ProcessBook to display alarm and event information, but PI should store the alarm and event information from a source as a string tag. One of the ways that ProcessBook can display a list of value from a tag is with Details and Annotation AddIn. For example, I configured a display with a Trend and a Value, both showing value from a tag. When I select one of the symbols, the values over a time range is displayed on the right:

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              Thank you for the reply Yan,


              Getting the data in via OPCAE is not a problem.  I will see if I can find an OPCAE Server.  This would be an easy problem to solve if there was some data to work with.


              The OPCAE data I have seen, usually returns several fields into a string, which must be parsed to make it easier to read.  It may also be helpful to filter on a specific value from one of those fields before returning the data to the display.  The required processing of the data would mean that the details pane would not be useful in this case.


              Now that I am thinking about it, this would be more straightforward in Excel and DataLink than in ProcessBook.  In any case, the format of the data that would be returned in the string tag would not be pleasant to view in the detais pane.



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                  If would suggest you take a look into the "Netflow Data Analyzer" ProcessBook display, under the "vCampus Library > Legacy DevNet Content > PI ProcessBook VBA Scripts". It does similar things with data coming from the PI IP Flow Interface (formerly known as PI Netflow Interface). I'm thinking it might be reused for OPC A&E data with slight modifications to the VBA code behind...


                  But as you said in your previous post, I would tend to opt for bringing this in an Excel spreadsheet (with PI DataLink) rather than in PI ProcessBook. You can bring the data the the Recorded Values function, and then use some of the Excel functions to make the date more user-friendly (e.g. split the comma- or pipe-separated string into single strings).


                  Hope this helps!

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                      Børre Heggernes





                      I'm with you on this one. We're looking for the exact same thing. Best I've found so far is in Excel Data | Text to columns... option. Works fine, but is a not very nice and manual process.


                      Sure it can be automated with VBA, but out-of-the-box would be best

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                          Thank you for the Text-to-Columns suggestion.  I was not aware of that feature.


                          I made an simple application for a customer in 2004.  The A&E data was stored in a string tag.  I used a simple DataLink comrpessed data function.  This was enhanced by allowing the user to enter a search string into a cell.  An excel formula was used to create a PI Filter Expression which was used to filter the results of the compressed data.  Further parsing the Alarm & Event data string into columns and using Excel filtering on these would result in a very powerful, yet simple-to-create report.


                          My problem is that I don't have any Alarm & Event data to use as an example for my customer.


                          I have attached an example spreadsheet if you are interested.


                          If anyone can provide a screenshot of a report, based on Alarm & Event data, it would be appreciated.

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                              @John: have you had a chance to look into that ProcessBook VBA stuff I suggested a couple a posts above? Does that by any chance fulfill the requirements for OPC A&E data visualization? Otherwise, Excel certainly is the best path forward for everything that's to be viewed in a table fashion...