PI-ACE doesn't output to PI

Discussion created by francois_ruel on Jun 27, 2010
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I'm using PI-System 2010 and PI-ACE 2010 available on vCampus.


I created a job in VBStudio 2010, .Net Framework 3.5 because of the System.XML and the PI-ACE wizard


The job imports an XML file from a device called the TED-5000, The Energy Detective for home power metering.


When I debug or test the job, everything looks fine.


The jobs ouput directly to two PI tags, No aliases for now.


I created the points using the PI-ACE Wizard, so the PointSource for those points is like L:XML_Loader\TED5000


The job is running, nothing looks bad in the message log and the tags are still at Pt Created...


Any advices on where to start debugging?


PI Point access to review?