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    Unable to connect to development PI-AF server


      I have a development PI-AF server running on Win2003 R2 in a virtual machine on my company laptop.


      The PI Server works nice. But I can't connect to to my AF server from my laptop because the AF server wants me to use an Active Directory account.  The PI Server running on a VM isn't in my AD Domain or Forest.


      Is there a way to configure AF where it doesn't require AD? 


      Connecting to the PI server uses the piadmin user or pidemo.  As it's a deveopment server with no access to anyone but my own laptop, I don't see a security problem with this.







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          AF is not completely reliant on AD; it works with Windows Integrated Security. This implies that you can use local users and groups.


          I have a similar setup with the exception that my development PI/AF server is a VM. The work around to AD is to use what has been referred to as an NTLM hack. What I've done, which work perfectly for me, is create a user on the development machine with the same username and password as the one I'm developing under; it's important that the username and password are identical. I've included this user into the administrators group on the development server (VM). From security perspective this isn't great but it causes less problems; you could use a lower security group e.g. AFServers (this group is created automatically when you install AF).