Creating vCampus (posting) guidelines

Discussion created by MichaelvdV@Atos on Jul 1, 2010
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vCampus has been around for quite some time. More and more new users join us, and experience the positive effects of being part of an OSIsoft community. Personally, I see this as a very positive development.


There are a number of different subjects members ask and discuss about. Ranging from configuration questions, to complex programming and debug scenario's. Trough time, this creates a vast knowledge base of readily accessable information. The longer vCampus exists with active members, the larger this knowledge base will become.


In my opinion, it's time to set some guidelines to guide this process in creating an understandable and searchable knowledge base.


These guidelines should (in my opinion) cover topics like:


1. Clear topic title


2. No 'greetings' in every post. Maybe just in the opening post. In addition to that, we could open a 'introduction' topic, where members can introduce themselves and their company.


3. Some guidelines for asking questions, for instance: describe the issue clearly, and describe what you have done/researched to solve the issue.


4. In case you have a solution, clearly describe the solution in the topic, so other members can learn from it (and don't have to ask the same question multiple times).


5. Create a clear distinction between TechSupport questions, and vCampus questions.


6. There should be enough room for 'offtopic' and 'fun' reactions. This makes vCampus fun, and creates a community feeling. It should however be to the moderators discretion on 'how far the offtopic/fun' reactions should go.


In this topic, I would like to discuss the (potential) need for such guidelines, and I'm curious on what other members (and OSIsoft staff) would think about it. Please note that the idea of these guidelines is not to restrict, but more to guide (new users specifically).