PI OLEDB and MS - Reports.

Discussion created by wpurrer on Jul 1, 2010
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Hello Vcampus!


I have a couple of issues with reports (in this example SQL Server 2008 R2)


* In th Library PI - OLEDB Tut. is a little bit outdated ... the reporting services works now as specalliy with the new designer different. ( Maybe you can update this)

* What also would be nice is if there are more advanced examples.
   a) I want to have a chart object with "trend lines" from three different tags => and this in one chart.
   b) I have a daily report with about 150 Values (daily average, daily count)  just as a "classic report" in a kind of table form (a couple of visually grouped together) with   different Texts... in front of ... (not the easy one with just get the data in table with out of it)

* In The Microsoft SQL Server Report Build, when you create an integrated Datasource an choose pioledb the provider is missing. (both are 64 Bit,...)


Maybe someone else has also a solution for this two examples  or kind of best practice with reports and PI-OLEDB.