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    ProcessBook Totalization


      This is my first exposure to PI software.  I have watched some of the applicable online tutorials.  I have one simple question.




      My customer has a counter that rolls over every 30,000 counts.  I would like to display the number of counts in the last 12 hours.  Always displaying the last 12 hours from now.  This give me a moving total for the last 12 hours.






      Counts Now    -    Counts 12 hours ago


      If negitive add 30,000 to account for the rollover.




      It appears ProcessBook PI Calcs is unable to grab a historical value from 12 hours ago.  I see you can also use VBA macros, but I beleive it requires the historical data to be pulled from a trend, which I am not trending this value.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction to perform this simple calculation.  I would perfer it to be on the ProcessBook side, instead of server.




      Thanks Ahead of Time,



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          TagVal('yourTag', '*-12h') should do it. You can find out more about the Performance Equation (PE) expression syntax - this is what's used by ProcessBook data sets - in the \PIPC\Help\PEReference.chm file.


          With that said, I would like say 
            1) Welcome to the PI world! (you said it's your first exposure to PI software)
            2) This kind of question is better handled by our regular technical support team. They are much better equipped (and staffed) for end-user and PI admin type questions. The OSIsoft vCampus program is intended for programming and integration type topics - i.e. developing custom applications, integrating PI with other business systems or databases, etc.


          Hope this helps!