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Discussion created by kou2pinso on Jul 6, 2010
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I tested web services beta for PI 2010, but i did not succeed in getting data with any method.


here is an example of code in the file named Form1.cs (included in the file "Files.zip")
I put authentication mode to None in web.config for the web service site (file web.config.xml)

<!--<authentication mode="Windows" />-->
<authentication mode="None" />
<allow users="*"/>
<identity impersonate="false" />

I checked anonymous authentification in IIS7, but I get an exception ( file exception.jpg) when I try to use any method, in my example, i get an exception when I try to launch :


TimeSeries[] rts = proxy.GetPIArchiveData(rReqs);
Is there something missing ?


Thanks a lot for your help


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