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Discussion created by Halenger Champion on Jul 7, 2010
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I'm involved with a project where I need to take the data in PI (as well do formula's) and make web pages graphing and reporting.  The customer wants to advance from the SharePoint service(s) and have "nice, state-of-the-art" web pages.


I've contacted my OSI sales rep and he said for me to get the data out of PI to implement in HTML web pages, I can use a number of methods - OLEDB, JDBC or Web Services.  He also mentions there is a PI System Access (PSA) license that already includes the PI-SDK, JDBC, Web services mentioned.  I found these by downloading the vCampus PI Products Kit (DVD Image).


My question(s) is/are... What would be the best method (OLEDB, JDBC, etc..) if I want to pursue using HTML 5?  And do I need any other software (Visual Studio)?  If so what year/version would suffice?  Really... where do I begin??


I know OSI is embracing Microsoft Silverlight, but like Flash, can't be seen/used on things like the iPhone.  I don't need to worry about that yet, but would eventually like to incorporate in this project.  Any help is most appreciated!!




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