Accessing Excel Trend Control timestamps from OnTimeRangeChange event

Discussion created by aarloe Employee on Jul 9, 2010
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I am trying to store the time range in a couple of cells whenever a user changes the time on a trend, such that if they zoom in/zoom out etc, the start time and end time of the PB Trend (in a DataLink Spreadsheet) is stored in two cells. I have tried this and notice that the StartTime and EndTime are passed as Variants in the method, and when I try to convert them to date formats (using VBA's CDate() method) I get an overflow error.


Is there a (better) way to store the Start Time and End Time when a user changes the time range in a PB trend in Excel? I know the trend control in DataLink isn't say, the "greatest" of trend objects, but I think I should be able to programatically extract the Start & End times from it, right? Any help is appreciated!


Here's the code i have so far btw:

Private Sub PITrend1_Sheet1_OnTimeRangeChange(ByVal Source As PBWebClient.pbwTimeRangeChangeSourceEnum, ByVal Temporary As Boolean, ByVal StartTime As Variant, ByVal EndTime As Variant, ByVal TimeZoneInfo As Variant)

Dim st, et As Date
st = CDate(StartTime)
et = CDate(EndTime)

Sheet1.Cells(1, 1) = st
Sheet1.Cells(2, 1) = et

End Sub