PI for StreamInsight - July CTP and updates samples now available

Discussion created by gmoffett Employee on Jul 12, 2010

As progress continutes towards the first release of PI for StreamInsight, an updated Community Technology Preview (CTP) is now available along with updated samples.


PI for StreamInsight enables developers building applications with Microsoft StreamInsight data access to the PI System


For more information about StreamInsight and the Adapters refer to the vCampus Webinar on StreamInsight


CTP location
vCampus > Download Center > Select the Category as PreRelease > Entry "PI System Adapters for StreamInsight"
Samples location
vCampus > Download Center > Select the Category as Extras > Entry: "StreamInsight Sample Projects"


Updates, changes and features  - some we haven't mentioned before! - are listed below

  • Input adapter value (structure) can contain the value flags (annotated, substituted, questionable)
  • Output adapter can write the tag value flag questionable
  • Tag access modified to enable tag searching
  • Significant CTI enhancements
    • 6 new strategies for issuing a CTI, including
      • Wall clock support
      • Ability to advance time based on individual events from a tag
  • Cover streams - Ability to identify non occurring events with support for left anti-semi join
  • Payload population options
    • PI event
    • Point attribute(s)
    • Field constants - provided by programming environment
    • Input adapter - ability to include timestamp in payload
    • Output adapter - use source timestamp instead of StreamInsight timestamp
  • Ability to add tracing output using adapter configuration
  • Security access to the PI System using Windows authentication
  • Lots of plumbing work to make it sing (read: internals for functionality and performance)