SDKSessionMgr lock

Discussion created by UlrichSchneider on Jul 13, 2010
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I am using the PI-SDK at my application. This application is multi-threaded and a lot of threads using the SDK to get information from the PI-Archive. Mainly I am using the eventpipe and methods to retrieve attributes from tags.


The application is running fine for hours or days. But somehow at any time each call to a SDK-method will get stuck. At the event viewer of Windows I can found some entries like

Timed out waiting to get SDKSessionMgr lock. Last thread w/ lock: 3092, MyThreadID: 3600, Pending locks: 1
each 10 minutes.


I also tried to reproduce this issue by heavily open/close and access SDK-methods by hundreds of threads, but with no success.


I don't know where I can investigate further and hope there is somebody got an idea how to proceed with this issue.