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Hello community,


i'am post my problem here even tough it not match the topic exactly
because i could not find a board where Interface-Topics are handled.


We have implemented a event-logger with the RealDB-interface.
At defined circumstances i call a stored procedure in a SQL-Server
with its parameters in the Exdesc of the out-tag. So far this works fine for years.
But sometimes one of the parameters (varchar 40) is enhanced
with a piece of string from a earlier call.


For example.
There is a parameter 'product'.
If a call happened with the data '' and the next call ist '55.66.77'
the RealDB-interface outputs '' to the stored procedure.
A look at the PI-archive shows precise '55.66.77' and no '' exists.
Seems like the RealDB-interface not cleans its stringbuffer accurate and
leaves a rest of the call before.


Version of rdbmspi.exe is

Maybe someone have had the same problems and knows how to fix.


Greetings Wolfgang