Community Help - Questions (AF vs. MD)

Discussion created by Halenger Champion on Jul 19, 2010
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vCampus Community,


I've been trying diligently to use the vCampus subscription, community discussion halls, courses, and webinars to self teach myself all about PI.  However, I remain stuck on a few things (basic at that):


Is/did AF basically replacing Module Database?  It looks to me there is no "perk" in using Module Database as AF does exactly that and more... Am I wrong with thinking like this?  If so, then what would be better to organize my tags/system in an asset hierarchy to implement in web pages (getting the data in graphs/reports/dashboards, etc...)?


It might help to know what my project entails: I'm working for a school that has buildings throughout campus measuring chilled water, domestic water, steam, and electricity through their BAS.  I'm collecting in PI a yearly total for each specific measurement.  Some buildings have all measurements; some maybe measuring only one of the four energies mentioned.  Point is, not all buildings are the same.  I need to then create web pages with dashboards illustrating the energy useage of the buildings.  How would an experienced PI user handle going about this - creating a project path to follow?  A big problem I am having right now is having TOO much information from OSI and I'm getting confused with "should I use MD? use AF? and/or use ACE?"  In addition, I know there is a new PI 2010 package coming out next month.  Should I wait then for something new that might be applicable to my needs?


I'd appreciate any feedback/suggestions...




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