Calculations failing intermittently

Discussion created by SteveOD on Jul 21, 2010
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Our ACE Server is running 11 exes, 35 modules and 560 contexts on an 8 CPU server.


The majority of calcs are scheduled every minute, with offsets spread throughout the minute.


I'm recently seing a significant number of micro "Calc. Failed" status values. These values only last for one minute and then the next cycle they result in vaild resultants. These occurences very significantly from 3 - 30 minutes apart.


My thought is that it is an overload problem - if the calculation doesn't write a value out in the right timeframe, it writes a "Calc Falied" as the output value.


The two problems exes have 232 and 67 contexts, respectively.


My question is - What is the best way to reduce the overloading ?  I could create an identical executable(s) and spread the contexts over them so one executable is not timing out.


Are there any tuning parameters that may be useful, and if so what values would help ?


Any input is welcome.