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Discussion created by mhalhead Champion on Jul 22, 2010
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I thought I would start a new thread exploring the possible AF wish list. Stuff that people would like to see in AF that aren't already on the roadmap; so I won't bring up the whole AR and Attribute AR discussion (although I wish OSI would release this functionality sooner rather than later). The aim of this thread is to inspire a discussion that could potentially provide OSI's developers with some ideas on what the users of their products would like.


First an admission. I'm not an AF expert we (myself and the company I work for) are only just implementing AF after a couple of years looking at it.


The biggest thing I would like to see is AF is that the elements and elements templates become more object like. What I mean is that the "user" (not your average control room operator) can embed code into the element template. I’m think that the code would be target more at element configuration than calculations. When an instance of the element is created the code would do something useful. What I have in mind is more related to configuration of the AF elements; therefore there would be three methods exposed. Let's call them OnCreate, OnUpdate and OnDelete. The names are fairly explanatory, OnCreate gets called when the element is created, OnUpdate when there’s been a change to the element and OnDelete when the element has been deleted which would be useful for things like a tag cleanup (i.e. go and delete all the PI Points created by this element). This code could be entered either as a script directly into AF or as an assembly. If the community has any ideas how to achieve this within the current AF sanely I would appreciate the info.


The second thing I would like to see is a script DR. Basically a formula DR on steroids. I find the formula DR quite cumbersome to use and would prefer to use a script type interface using my favourite .net language (C# or VB.Net). I suspect that I get the we’re considering this for AR’s response.


I hope other contribute to this thread and that it’s useful to OSI.