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    PBDCtrl used to display a .pdi file is slow at first load.




      We are using the PBDCtrl ActiveX with C# VS2005 to display .PDI files.  


      When we have start our application the first time, the .pdi file loaded was taking a lot of time before it was displayed.  The acview.exe process was automaticcaly started and was nort closed when we closed our program.  When we restart our program, the first .pdi file was loaded very fast.  Why was it so long the first time and how can we make it load faster?




      Note : We have the same problem with the OSIsoft.PISDK (PISDKClass / slow at first utilisation) when getting data from PI.







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          the PI ActiveView control needs to be loaded, and the connection to the PI Server needs to be opened as well. This might take time when you start your application the first time and when you are accessing the PI server from PI SDK as well. You may check with the AboutPI-SDK how long it takes for an initial connection. Connection problems/delays can be troubleshooted by TechSupport (techsupport@osisoft.com) - there are various reasons for that (network latency, reverse name lookup, etc.).


          The existence of the acview.exe process is is intended behavior, PI-ActiveView has a process (acview.exe) that continues to run for 5 minutes after the last instance of the PI-ActiveView control is closed.