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Discussion created by mvunsharma on Jul 28, 2010
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Hi all,


I am new to the calculation tags. I am trying to configure PI to capture a downtime scenario. Following is the scenario:


1. We have normal PI tags - Tag 1 for temperature (say TEMP) and Tag2 for pressure (say PRES)


2. I created two digital states - 0 (for Down) and 1 (for up).


3. I created a new calculated tag (say DOWN). Now, I want to write an expression as if TEMP>120 OR PRES>80, then 0 else 1. I want this tag as event-scheduled monitoring two tags - TEMP or PRES. How can I do this?


I went through the documentation and it says


event = tagname, CalculationExpression


Here I can put only one tagname - either PRES or TEMP. I want the expression to be evaluated when a new value is present in the snapshot of either TEMP or PRES.


Thanks for your patience reading.




Nageshwara Manda