Access to AFTable using AF SDK in ACE

Discussion created by mathique on Jul 28, 2010
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Dear All,


I would like to access to several specifications in an ACE module (VB.Net). I am thinking that it will be good to create an AFTable storing my specifications and access to it using AF SDK inside my ACE module. So, I have created the AFTable (called TableTest) using the PI System Explorer.


Then, I have made my connection to my AF database via AF SDK and I am trying now to read specifications stored in my table. I am a little bit stuck because I don’t know how to access to my data easily.


Here below my first code:

Dim myPISystems As New PISystems
Dim myDB As AFDatabase
Dim myTableLookup As OSIsoft.AF.Asset.AFTable

myDB = myPISystems.DefaultPISystem.Databases("Configuration")
myTableLookup = myDB.Tables("TableTest")

Do you have any examples of codes to access to my specifications using criteria? I would like to be able to retrieve a data with something like "select [column2] from myAFTable where [column1] = '2'".


Is there other means to access this AFTable and read my specifications via AF SDK?


Thanks in advance for your reply