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    PI Treeview connection to PI Graphic Webpart


      There was a very good example in the Rtwebparts User CBT on how to use Module Database to help context switch rtgraphic svg files based on selected module. Does anyone have an example of how to get the webparts 3.0 Treeview (AF) to switch the svg graphics files?


      Any help is very much appreciated.



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          It should work exactly the same - you create a string attribute in the AF element (instead of a string property in the module) that has the value of the path to the SVG file; and you connect the path to the SVG file in the PI Graphic web part to this attribute on the element in the PI TreeView.


          Hope this helps

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              Thanks for the reply. Im sure Im making this harder then it really is but I am sure I am missing at least one step.


              First of all I have an Element that has an attribute of string type and in that value I have the path the I have used in graphic part itself to make it work.


              I have a treeview webpart with Root node configured


              Default Selected node configured


              Attribute Parents with the image path attribute.


              I have a graphic webpart


              Then I set a connection on the treeview (not 100% which of the 4 is the correct choice, except the get connection does not seem right since Im trying to "send" to graphic webpart right?


              when I  set the graphic selected file connection I see Treeview webpart but connection fields are only PI Tag List, Element Name, Element Path. and Element Relative Path, I thought I would see attribute ???? 


              thanks in advance