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    Bad Image Format Exception

      All, I am fairly new to programming with PI SDK and have run into my first error.  I am trying to allow the user to use the TagSearch dialog to select a tag for use in the program.  I am using the C# example out of the help file, but it hasn't turned out to be very helpful so far.  :) I am attaching my code and error file for your review. Thanks, Ed.
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          The message inside the exception, "Could not load file or assembly", leads me to believe you either don't have PI SDK installed on that machine or there is a security/permission issue preventing the user from accessing the assembly. Hope this points you in the right direction - if not, please let us know and we'll make sure we sort this out.

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              Hi Steve, same here. Fairly new to PI SDK. I am writing custom Delivery channel.. same thing is happening to me. Does it matter which version of Pi SDK I use in this case? X86 or 64? I have both version installed on the machine. Not sure how to set security/permission to use an assembly. Could u please shed some lights?