Notifications to Event Frames

Discussion created by RJKSolutions on Aug 9, 2010
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Hello (again),


I wondered if there is any news/hints with regards to the future of Notifications and the integration of Event Frames?  For some reason I remember hearing that notifications will eventually use event frames as data storage instead of PI Points, which leads me on to...


Will we be able to generate event frames based on notifications?  So when the conditions of a notification trigger the notification a corresponding event frame is generated - it has no end time until the conditions are no longer satisfied when the event frame becomes "closed" (it would then be re-opened.  You can then correlate notifications to other event classifications e.g. a 'shift' .  I can imagine that developing an end point or similar could implement this functionality but it would be nice to have it 'off the shelf' when Event Frames is a released product as it would add more value to Event Frames (IMO).


Let's say this is going to be a reality, would it be possible to distinguish a notification event frame from a 'regular' event frame or would you just use Categories to do this?  Would system generated event frames be read only?