FindAttributes and SystemPicker, DatabasePicker

Discussion created by wxz44428 on Aug 11, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2010 by cmanhard

I am trying to implement the functionality that when user clicks a button, an attribute find dialog will be shown. Browsing through the API, it seems the existing UI of AFOperations.FindAttributes would provide that dialog nicely, except one thing: in that out-of-box 'Attribute Search' dialog, there is the systempicker and database picker, that are somewhat modifiable--e.g., the 'list' button is available for System picker there, and end user can do a lot of changes to it, like changing Timeout etc. Is there a way we can through the API to lock down the existing SystemPicker and DatabasePicker (e.g., disable them) in the existing 'Attribute Search' dialog ? The goal is, end user is only doing readonly attribute search, (the PISystem/Db connection and specification is done somewhere else, and AFDatabase info is passed into the AFOperation.FindAttribute call, no update to the PISystem should be allowed in this 'Attribute search' dialog.)


My AFServer service is set up under networkservice account. I am using c#, and with AF 2.1


Thanks a lot.