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    Processbook & VBA ( open new processbookdisplay with a different time)


      Hello Vcampus - Members.


      I have to migrate an old application into processbook.


      The old application, is a trendviewing application, where i can double click into the trendview and i got a new windows with approx 60 KPI or parameters for the "thing" which is produced at this time (and some pictures of the thing and so on)


      Now I have a Processbook Display where i have a trend, the double click is in processbook reserverd for the "full screen view" so i thought i use a cursor instead.

      ThisDisplay.Trend1.CurrentCursor = 1
      MsgBox ThisDisplay.Trend1.CursorTime


      I get the time, but how do i open a new windows, with a different time to show my kpi,...)  (the kpi are only displayed as a "Value")


      The user should switch back and forward and the different times should be preserved.