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    ACE talk at vCampus 2010 - Got Ideas?




      One of the talks at the upcoming vCampus 2010 event is about delivering ACE applications with .NET. Currently we are planning on

      • An overview of the features coming in PI ACE 2010

      And then we are looking at the potential for one or more of the following items:

      • Show the performance improvements using PI ACE 2010
      • Architecture overview
      • MDB database updates example - how to detect changes to properties
      • Programmatically create an ACE context

      These are however our ideas and we'd certainly like the opportunity to consider ideas from vCampus users!


      What would you like to hear and see in this talk about ACE?

      Also, do you have an ACE calculation(s) that others would be interested in and that you would like to present as part of this talk or provide as an example?

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          I'm not a really 'heavy' ACE user, but more of a programmer


          I was wondering if the ACE development team has any thoughts on dynamic .NET typing, and the (new) dynamic languages in the .NET Framework (for instance: IronPython and IronRuby (discontinued for now ). In my thoughts, using dynamic languages/dynamic typing can be of great importance to a product like ACE.


          Also, what are your opinions on using functional languages with ACE (like F#). With the type of calculations ACE is meant to do, this could also be of importance to future development.

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            I would find it useful to have insight to the near-term roadmap that OSI has for ACE and AF - such as if, when, and where any of their complimentary or overlapping functionalities will converge (or not). This could help sway solution architecture decisions being made today...