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    Getting Summary Data

    Lonnie Bowling

      I want to get the average/min/max for a tag in the last hour (-1h).  This is the code I'm using:

      req = new PISummaryDataRequest();
      tr.Start = "*";
      tr.End = "*-2h";
      req.TimeRange = tr;
      aggmnr = new PISummaryManner();
      aggmnr.Intervals = 1;
      aggmnr.UseStart = true;
      aggmnr.SummaryValue = PISummaryMannerSummaryValue.Minimum;
      aggmnr.WeightType = PISummaryMannerWeightType.EventWeighted;
      req.PISummaryManner = aggmnr;
      req.Path = "pi:\\\\lb-svr01\\CDT158";
      requests[1] = req;

      The issue is the intervals setting, when set =1 no data points are returned, when set =2 a data point is returned but it is for data from the start time to (endtime-starttime)/2.  With this logic it is impossible to get summary data up to the current time (*) over a specifed period, is this correct?


      I'm trying to create a simple KPI where I use the web service to return the min/avg/max for a data point for the last hour.  Any help would be appreciated!