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Ok, fine, I can take a hint.  I'll weigh in here on the future of future data, and provide a little more transparency on what is happening with "Verrazano" (code word for our next release).


It turns out we have a number of competing forces for Verrazano (not surprisingly).  On the one hand, there is urgent need to scale up to support higher tag counts for some near-term AMI opportunities.  On the other hand, we have a commitment to support future data for our primary markets, especially T&D industry.


Our strategy is to embark on both efforts simultaneously.  We plan to continue these on parallel paths for now.  Since the PI Server team is switching to Agile development, we have more opportunities to "check in" and determine whether we potentially have a shippable version.  This is one of the reasons why there is no release target for Verrazano (also the fact that we are early in development phase).  Rest assured though that we are currently working on both of these initiatives...


To respond to Rhys, the high level design you describe is very much how we plan to implement future data support.  So when you are ready for a job at OSI, just let us know. ;-)  And Michael if you could expand on the PB "weirdness" with future data currently, please let me know.  One of the things we are planning to do very soon is test our PI clients and data access handling of future data to see whether there are any discrepancies or differences in behavior.  If you guys are aware of any, that is useful information.


At OSIsoft vCampus Live! 2010, Denis and I will be presenting on PI System Tuning and Optimization.  This would be a good opportunity to share any input regarding performance/scalability.  It would also be a good time to discuss your thoughts on the user experience with future data.  I plan to have a questionnaire available for folks to comment.


Hope that helps.  Looking forward to seeing you guys next month.