AF "Use cases" and Future ?

Discussion created by wpurrer on Sep 7, 2010
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Hello VCampus!


I just want to ask what are typicall use cases for the AF?

We use the AF only for 4 purposes:


* Configuration for a custom Performance Equations.
* Configuration for the Notification
* Element based processbooks.
* Jobs Management System for Reports,....


I'D like to use the AF - Modeller as a kind of object based drawing of the processbooks (but the AF - Modeller has a couple of bugs .. and isn't really supported anymore .. because it is a part of sigmafine now.


I also had a look on the user conference presentations, but besides this first 3 applications  there aren't any real use cases. And I haven't found any real "mindblowing" applications.


I heared some companies build custom "production accounting" systems on the top of it.


... ?


What is the future of the AF ?