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    PISDK Deployment




      While deploying our applications developed around PI SDK, do we need to install PI SDK on the end machine or would it be sufficient if we copy OSISoft.PISDK.dll and OSISoft.PISDKCommon.dll to the end machine on which the application would be running.




      What should be the ideal way of deploying an application developed using PI SDK and AF SDK?




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          In order to run the application you will need to install the PI SDK as the PI Network Manager Service will not be running unless you install it, having the DLLs will just not cut it.


          I will take this opportunity to tell you that you need a specific license in order to install the PI SDK in an end-user computer. Pluse the desired way to license your applications.


          I hope this answer your question. =)

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            Just referring to the technical part here - for the license question you need to talk to sales as Cristobal mentioned.


            Ideally you would install the PI SDK, the AF SDK and than whatever is necessary for your application. Please note that applications like PI OLEDB, PI ProcessBook or PI Datalink install a PI SDK already for the connection to PI, so you might not need to install the PI SDK (unless you have a newer version than the one shipped with PI ProcessBook, PI Datalink, ...) - but still the license question applies as Cristobal mentioned.



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              @Kavita Enner: as my colleagues pointed out, there is a technical part and a licensing part to it. They already pointed out that just copying the DLL's will not work (you would need to somehow package the PI SDK or AF SDK setup files), so I will comment on the licensing side of things.


              As you might have heard/read already, the PI System Access (PSA) license covers the 'runtime' part of the PI Data Access products (including the PI SDK). Your vCampus membership provides you with your personal 'development' licenses for these products. For you information, there is a possibility for partners to have an agreement with OSIsoft, to resell/redistribute the PI SDK.


              This is as far as we can go about licensing on vCampus; please contact your Account Manager for more information on licensing/pricing/redistribution of our products.