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    x64 SDK Installation Problem


      Hi all, Recently went from developing on x86 to x64. My app ran fine on x86 and does not on x64.


      I have unsuccessfully tried the following installation procedures related to PI SDK installation... ( all using the May 2010 iso from vCampus downloads)


      1) Install only the x64 SDK - its missing the Control and Dialog assemblies and i need those


      2) Install only the x86 SDK - get a bad image exception trying to load OSIsoft.PISDK.dll


      3) Install both x64 and x86 - reference PISDK, PISDKCommon and TimeServer from x64 and the dlg and control assemblies from x86 - my "service" will run that has no user interaction, data collection via EventPipes works great - my UI crashes when trying to load the Dlg assembly


      4) Install x64 client tools (to get to the SDK) - installation actually fails on some ACE path not found error... - can't explore any further since there is no installation


      5) Install x86 client tools (to get to the SDK) - client tools run fine - bad image exception on load of PISDK assembly


      6) Download and install PI SMT 2010 (that includes a recent release of the SDK). - client tools run fine - same issues with bad image exception since it is 32 bit.  


      I guess what I am looking for is guidance on what SDK I should be installing for x64 ... (remember I want to use the OSIsoft controls and dialogs too).


      Thanks Jeff




      P.S. See you at vCampus Live in a couple of days :-)