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Discussion created by dlp Champion on Sep 10, 2010
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Hi, this is my first post so be nice please :)


I'm trying to use RtTreeView to send the Element path to a placeholder of a query in a relational dataset in order to show AF Element attributes in a RtTable webpart (using PI-OLEDB Enterprise as the datasource)


The problem is that RtTreeView Element path and Element relative path parameters include server name (in the form \\server\DB\element1... or \\server\element1), and queries to Asset catalog need to refer a path without the server name.


Trying to use built in INSTR and SUBSTR functions to cutoff the server name part of the path work in PI-SQL commander but in dataset definition don't. This cause an "Invalid Argument" error.


Someone has a workaround?


Thanks and...  nice to be here!