Renewing Cached PI Values

Discussion created by mihorrocks on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2010 by nagarwal

The result of my ACE calculation uses the previous calculated result as an input. However, the previous result may also be manually updated from an external client - such as a direct edit of the archive value to reset to zero.


The problem I am trying to work around is that the ACE caching of the PI values means that the ACE calculation usually still holds the previous calculated value rather than any edit that may have occured.


For example; my ACE calculation is scheduled once a minute.


12:00 Output = 100


12:01 Output = 110


12:02 Output = 120


<here the user resets the Ouput to zero>


12:03 Output = 130 (this is where I want to Ouput = 10, but because of the cached value the output continues ignoring the user update)


While I understand that the performance may be impacted, does anyone know how to force ACE to read the value from the PI server rather than rely upon the cached value?


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.