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    Redistributing the PI SDK


      I know somwone has surly asked this before but what do I need to do to redistribute the PI SDK to a customer for an application I have written.  From the dvd I can pull what I need to install just the SDK or do I need to use the setup_clients-x86.ini which will also install the SDK?  My only experance installing the PI system is putting everything on my pc.  My customers will already have a PI server installed and my application will go on one of their pc's which might not have any PI software installed on it.

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          This is a Sales Representative kind of question, so please contact yours.


          What I can tell you is that the OSIsoft vCampus License grants you rights to develop applications based on the PI SDK but it does not grant you rights to distribute it, and I know there are some licensing considerations on that regard.


          technically speaking (besides the license) you will only need to install the PI SDK to be able to use that application in a customer computer.

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              Ahmad Fattahi

              I recommend you talking to your partner account manager for such redistribution questions.


              For a user to access an already functional and licensed PI server, you would need one PSA (PI System Access) license seat per user separate from the PI server license itself. Once again, for more detailed information please contact your partner account manager.

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                  As Ahmad pointed out, the PI System Access (PSA) license covers the 'runtime' part of the PI Data Access products (including the PI SDK). Your vCampus membership provides you with your personal 'development' licenses for these products. There is a possibility for partners to have an agreement to redistribute the PI SDK - per Ahmad's reply, please discuss this with your Account Manager.