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    PI ACE LogPIACEMessage statement problems


      I have a PI ACE scheduler 2.x running .Net apps on one machine and PI Historian running on another. The LogPIACEMessage does not generate any messages in the log file regardless of the context message level setting. I have not had a problem logging messages whenever the scheduler and the PI Historian reside on the same machine. I beleive I have set up trusts correctly since the calculations run as designed.




      PLease help.




      Thanks scott

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Hello Scott,


          I would recommend you contact OSIsoft TechSupport at techsupport@osisoft.com or 510-297-5828. They would be more suitable for your type of question.

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            Ahmad is right of course, and techsupport will be happy to tell you to look for the log on the ACE scheduler node, not the PI server ;)

            This will include questions like "Is the PI message subsystem running there?"
            and "Did you try pipc\adm\pigetmsg.exe there? "

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                Ahmad Fattahi

                Thanks Michael for the suggestions.


                Did it help you resolve the problem Scott? If not, would you go ahead and share the line of code you are using with us here? There might be other explanations why it doesn't work such as context path being incorrect or the type of message isn't checked on the PI ACE Scheduler.


                Let me also explain what I said before. What I assumed was that you were having a general problem using PI ACE not being able to see the corresponding log messages. However, when I looked more closely I might've been wrong. Whenever you have a programming, development, or integration related questions vCampus would be the place to pose the problem and ask for help; we would be more than happy to help you! OSIsoft TechSupport on the other hand would be more suitable for end-user type questions.

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                @Scott Collins: just curious, have you been able to sort this problem out?


                Have you found the log messages in the PI Message Log where the PI ACE Scheduler resides?
                (\pipc\adm\pigetmsg, as Michael suggested, or PI SMT > Operations > Message Logs > Open .log file)


                If not, could you confirm that the PI ACE Scheduler is connecting to PI using the right user/identity? Does that user/identity have appropriate access to write to the logs (PI SMT > Security > Database Security > PIMSGSS database )?


                How about the log level on this particular context (right-click on the context in PI ACE Manager and select Message Log Level...)? Is the log level you are using in code (e.g. User Message) checked in this dialog window?

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                    I have this same problem.  I checked the log level as  you suggested and nothing ( other than errors ) was checked.  So I checked everything to try to get any message.


                    My Setup:


                    PI Server


                    Win2008 R2 Standard


                    PI System version 3.4.385.59


                    Trust set up for PI-API and PI-SDK for PI-ACE Server


                    PI-ACE Server


                    Windows 7 Professional N


                    ACE Version 1.2.32


                    Using Server 2.1


                    VS 2008




                    Workgroup, No Active Directory


                    Using PI User security


                    The PI-ACE Module is able to write data to the PI Archive.


                    I have placed a statement in the code to write a message every time the module runs.  But I get no messages in either PIMsgLog or PIPC.dat.