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    How to configure SMTP Virtual Server for PI Notification


      Hi, I'm a novice on PI Notification and working on this these days


      In my implementation, I was going to send notification email to my @realiv-tech.com, @gmail.com and @126.com emails


      while following the instruction, I installed smtp service component into my machine on which Notification was installed. Configured realiv-tech.com domain and finished the configuration in PI Notification add-in in System Explorer.


      While in the end, with the help of technical support, I could eventually send notification email to my realiv-tech.com email: kevin@realiv-tech.com


      After I added 2 new remote domains: gmail.com and 126.com under default virtual server but I couldn't send email to my these 2 emails


      Below is what is showned in IIS smtp configurator(sorry it's not convenient to put snapshots)


      Domain Name                                      Type


      realiv-tech.com                          Local(Default)


      test.com                                   Local(Custom)


      gmail.com                                 Remote


      126.com                                    Remote




      and I found whatever I changed to realiv-tech.com(change domain name, change smtp port etc), it always worked on sending notification email


      but for gmail.com and 126.com, I cannot fix all the time, but got a error like:


      From Primary SMTP server: The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated. The server response was: 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. k23sm5035155waf.5


      Could anyone give me a brief introduction on this problem? Thanks for any comment.

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          @Quan Da Yong: sorry for the delay getting back to you on this... the OSIsoft vCampus program/community is focused around PI programming and intregration questions (e.g. manipulating PI Notifications programmatically, using PI Web Services, etc.)


          This is purely a PI System administration/configuration question, and our regular Technical Support team is much better staffed/equipped for this kind of questions. From your original post it seems like you already dealt with tech support on this issue... I would strongly recommend you follow-up with them to work on this issue.


          Looking forward to answering your programming/integration questions!