remove the link between an AF Element and its template

Discussion created by philco on Sep 30, 2010
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When we create AF Elements from templates, all the attributes created at the same time are then linked to the template, i.e. it's not possible to modifiy their names or descriptions for example. To do so, we must modify the template. My question is, once elements & attributes are created from a template is it possible to unlink them of their parent template? My goal is to use a template to give common descriptions and values to elements but then be able to personnalize each element.


For example we have many equipments of the same type. I would like to have a template for each type of equipment so I can create each element based on the appropriate template. After that there's additional specific information I need to give to the elements (equipment number, localization, etc...), thus I need to modify the values coming from the template. Is it feasible?