InsertPIData method error

Discussion created by rrn on Oct 1, 2010
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I have 2 questions regarding PI webservices


1. One of our clients is trying to use InsertPIData method to update tags on our PI server. He is receiving an error:


 <Message>Malformed path: pi:TAGNAME</Message>


What could be the possible source of this error? The tag security is set for WRITE data permission only.


2. The client is able to use Get-Data methods successfully and is able to retrieve data. However, I do not see any events in the PI Message log for successful PI connection when he accesses our PI server. How will I know when someone is connected to our PI server in absence of these log events? I am using Windows Authentication method. In IIS, PI website is mapped to an AD account which is a member of one of the PI Identities groups in AD. If I use PI trust connection instead of AD, I can see the connection messages in PI logs.