Robert Raesemann

PI Server 2010 licensing, customer base fragmentation, and vCampus implications

Discussion created by Robert Raesemann on Oct 4, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2010 by spilon

It seems that the requirement for customers to upgrade their license to the 2010 model and pay associated license upgrade fees is going to result in fragmentation of the customer base. I will soon be working on a project for a customer that may not be able to upgrade this year. As a result I will need to develop for an older revision of the PI software than I have installed in my vCampus environment.


I always keep the latest version of the PI software on my vCampus server. In the past I would make sure that part of the plan was to upgrade the customer to the latest version during the roll out phase of a development project. Since they are all on support agreements this was never an issue. With the changes resulting from 2010 this will not be the case. Companies will not be able to get 2010 until they upgrade their licenses which in most cases is going to result in additional fees.


Ideally I would be able to set up a VM with the same version of PI as the customer for development and testing. Unfortunately the vCampus license only allows me to generate one license file for one server. I have an MSDN subscription and it allows me to download and setup older versions of Windows Server or other Microsoft software for testing and development. It would be nice if OSIsoft would adobt a similar philosophy.


Has OSIsoft given this issue any thought? It would be nice if the vCampus subscription would give you the right to run VM's of older products so that I could effectively service customers who might not upgrade for a while. If this isn't an option then maybe a small fee for the older licenses would be appropriate.