Creating a "So your New to VCampus... Now What?" Document

Discussion created by Kenneth.Rice on Oct 4, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2010 by Ahmad Fattahi

Hi VCampus Community,


I have been with the VCampus Community for about 1 year now, and something that keeps passing through my mind is how can the community help people shorten their learning curve. There are many helpful documents webinars blogs and posts, but I feel we need something similar to a outline or sylabus or a begin here document. I have talked with a VCampus member offline (I will let him/her out themselves if they wish) and we both feel that folks on the VCampus community are always good at pointing out to "newbies" of where to go but it would be nice to have all of this info already bundled and ready to go.


We also feel that this is not easily done by just one person and maybe should be tackled as a community project. For example would a document in the Library be best way to present a list of where to begin or would a blog?


I would also like this project to tackle the thorny area of trying to answer the age old question of for project x I should use Silverlight or C#, I am not looking for us to pick one language/product over another rather if someone has already tackled similiar project to give the pros/cons of using product y.


I guess first question would be, What does the rest of the community feel about my above statements? Is it worth our time? will it help people?


Thanks in advance