SqlServer 2008 Linked Server -- PI

Discussion created by EndEng on Oct 7, 2010
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I have SQLServer 2008 and i am trying to set up a linked server in Management Studio to PI via classic oledb.  Rt. Click on Linked Servers --> new.


Linked Server: PI


Provider: PI OLE DB Provider


Product Name: PIOLEDB


Data Source: IP.OF.PI.SERVER


Provider String: Provider=PIOLEDB.1;Initial Catalog=piarchive;Data Source=IP.OF.PI.SERVER;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False






It seems to link fine, however, when i expand PI i get Catalogs, then i expand Catalogs and i see System Catalogs & default.  Only can expand default and i see Tables & Views, then under tables i see System Tables, under views i see System Views.  Anything i try to expand here i get an error: Failed to retrieve data for this request. 


I can create a .udl file with the same information on the desktop and the test connection works fine.


My user is in the PISupervisors group.


Why can i not see the catalogs as i can in the OLEDB Explorer?