Performance Equations in AF Element Attributes

Discussion created by mikeloria on Oct 11, 2010
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I heard that for the notification rules that are based on a rule performance equation, a future enhancement will be to use attributes instead of hard coding a PI tag. The attribute will of course need to be based on a PI tag but it will be referenced through the attribute. I am wondering if the same feature could be incorporated into element attributes in AF. This could provide the mechanism to reference data directly from PI server and here is an example:


Say I have a group of PI tags(product property data) that are not necessarily based on time but are associated with each other because they would have the exact same timestamp. The PI tags would be populated with data by using OLEDB provider so this would guarantee the time association. The group of tags would contain individual product properties (width, weight, length) and one of the tags is the product ID. In my PI server, I have several tags that contain the product ID based on different times that the product is running through different processes. In an AF element, I could use this product ID as an attribute from a process of interest in performance equations for other attributes and I would be able to return the desired properties. In the performance equation, I could find the timestamp for the product ID from the product ID for the group of tags. I could then get the desired property value. This would be like a look up table but all the data exists within the PI server. The purpose of doing this is to be able to archive reference lookup data in the PI server for performance and scalability.


I am leaning towards this way because we will have 100,000s of these product property data and I believe the AF lookup tables are not design for this. Does anyone know if such a feature is on table and if so, any idea of when it may implemented?