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    Windows7 Procbook.ini File Location


      Where is the Procbook.ini file under Windows 7?

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          I would like to invite you to contact our Technical Support team instead (TechSupport@osisoft.com - +1-510-297-5828 ). The OSIsoft vCampus program and its various features are really meant for programming, development and integration topics. Just like Microsoft's MSDN. On the other hand, "end-user" and "PI administration" questions (e.g. installation, configuration, usage, etc.) are still best handled by our technical support team.


          The Technical Support team should be aware of any issue or change between the versions.

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            @Andy Holmes: may I kindly ask why this question? Is it that you are trying to access it programatically from your app? Or you simply want to modify it manually and can't find it anymore under Windows 7?


            Either way, it should be under %appdata%\PISystem\PI-ProcessBook\language (by default, this will be C:\Users\<userName>\AppData\Roaming\PISystem\PI-ProcessBook\en).


            But as Cristobal pointed out, this type of generic questions (i.e. not related to PI programming and systems integration) is generally better handled by our regular technical support team...


            Hope this helps!