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    VM Development downloads


      It would be nice if you guys provided preconfigured development VM machines we can just download and run.  I would like to see a VM in VMWare of HyperV for:


      1.  A box having a PI system, Sharepoint, RTWebparts, PIOLEDB, PI Web Services.


      This away we can just download install VIsual Studio and start working without doing all that work of setup.



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          Ahmad Fattahi

          Thanks for the suggestion. It would be a very fast and efficient way to get started. However, there may be some licensing problems. How do you suggest we handle Windows licensing before distributing a VM? Another potential question would be what configuration is ideal for everyone?


          Thanks again for your feedback

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            This would never work being provided via vCampus IMO.  Just make yourself a library of the different OS you need and take a copy of the VM each time you want a different permutation of PI software.  Installing the PI software takes minutes so as long as you have your base layer (OS + Service Packs + Visual Studio etc) you are good to go in minutes.

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              When Microsoft provides this to customers, they use time-out, demo versions of the operating system and applications.  I think this would be the only option given the licensing restrictions.  Would something that worked like this meet your needs?


              In the end I think maintaining a library like this on your own may prove more effective anyway.  You could include things in your base images that simply couldn't come from OSI.  These would include items like your corporate standard OS config (backup, anti-virus, etc.) as well as some "default" configuration.



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                  I concur with Rhys and Matt on this...


                  Just so you know, we did consider providing pre-loaded Virtual Machines when we were designing vCampus in the first place. We did not opt to go with this approach for 2 main reasons:

                  1. Licensing problems: we can easily redistribute our own software but it is a whole different story to start distributing/licensing somebody else's (e.g. Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office)
                  2. Heterogeneousness (yes, this is a word!): the heteregenous nature of our system (i.e. how people set it up and use it) make it close to impossible to come with a "one-size-fits-all" solution...   Some people will want to install everything on one machine, other will want the PI Server and the AF Server on one machine, PI ACE, PI Web Services and PI WebParts on another one, then PI ProcessBook, PI DataLink, etc. on yet another one. Of AF on the same machine as PI ACE. Or PI Web Services and PI WebParts together on a Web server. Anyways, you get the idea...

                    And then what about High Availability and Collectives? What if you want to have a 3-node PI Server Collective and a 2-node AF Server Collective? And 2 different PI ACE Schedulers (with the upcoming PI ACE 2010 ).

                    And this is just the tip of the iceberg... when you start talking about combinations of Windows, Office, Visual Studio, etc., then various languages, you see it's a much bigger issue than what one would first think

                  Hopefully that gives you a little bit of visibility into the thinking process, and why we chose not to provide Virtual Machines. I would follow Rhys and Matt's advise, and set up your ideal system(s).


                  Should you need help installing/configuring/administering the system (with or without Virtual Machines), please do not hesitate to contact our regular Technical Support team. Once you're satisfied with your setup, we look forward to answering your PI programming or systems integration questions here, on vCampus!