Discussion created by maggiepakula on Oct 15, 2010
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I have had a number of problems attempting to get these two to play together. I have attemped using two of the connection strategies described in the White Paper and have encountered the following problems.


JDBC Connection: I have not actually been able to connect because I am having trouble installing the PI SQL DAS. I'm getting this error - Error 1721. There is a problem with the Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.


ADO/OLEDB Connection: While I have managed to connect using this approach I keep running into problems with the PI to MATLAB tools (note: I did have to change the connection strings in all of these tools to get them working). If I attempt to connect to servers I have not added in SDK or if I attempt to query an incorrect tag MATLAB does not stop running and will not even accept the CTRL + C break. If I try to call these tools in my own scripts I have the same problem or occasionally get an error during the call to adobdquery saying "r" is an undefined variable.


If anyone has suggestions regarding these issues they would be greatly appreciated. I need to start pulling and analyzing large amounts of data (much more than could be handled by Datalink), so if anyone has a found a successful way of doing this that would be helpful too.