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Working in some VBA macros for our customer I found a potential issue with PB  so I would be wondering someone could help me to fix.


I got a display with a command bar. When that display is opened from a C drive or a UNC path " \\server\......\file.pdi it works fine but if the same display is opened from a mapped network drive like ( Z:, X:, etc..) and a command bar button is pressed, a new isntance of the display is opened.


It seem to be that the bar can't manage the drive and open a copy of the display from the equivalent UNC location.


Have you expereinece that before? Is it a bug in PB or Am I doing something wrong?.


Thanks for your help,


The easiest way to try this is by creating a display with a command bar in C: and create a map drive Z: pointing to C: 


1. Open the display first from C: and press the command a bar button to open a userform for exmple.  Everythin should be ok


2. Now open the display form Z: and press the command bar button. Check "windows" menu bar