PI Point DR and Stepped

Discussion created by rdavin Employee on Oct 19, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2010 by cmanhard

This is a request for a feature change and not a question, unless the question could be “Will AF 2.3 have this feature?”


It’s nice that in a Formula DR I can declare that the results should be Stepped for trending in ProcessBook.  I don’t have that ability in with the PI Point DR in AF 2.2.  But I want it.


Yes, I know that the PI Point DR gets it’s stepped value from the PI server that’s stores the PI Point.  Let’s ignore that I never want to override the PI server point configuration for an individual PI Point because lord knows that a half-dozen PI admins spread across the country always enter everything consistently (insert sarcasm font here).


The most compelling reason to explicitly specify a Stepped setting in the PI Point DR is not for interpolated or compressed values, but rather for aggregated values.  If I used the PI Point DR to produce a 24-hour average, and even if the source PI Point correctly has Step=0 in PI, I may still want that 24-hour aggregate to produce a stepped trend.


Does anyone else see the need for this?  Or can anyone talk me away from my need?  Or will AF 2.3 have this ability?