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    AF items vanishing


      I'm running PI System Explorer  Here's an example of the type of thing that's driving me nuts:  I create an element, "MyElement1".  I copy and paste 5 sibling copies, named MyElement2, MyElement3, ... , MyElement6.  I edit each as necessary, and Check in.  Then, I close PI System Explorer, and reopen, and only MyElement1 & MyElement2 exist.  So, I again copy MyElement1 and when I paste it, the default name for the copy is MyElement7.




      I copy and paste a table.  I change only the data in the new table.  When I restart PI System Explorer, the new table has no records.  This table forever refuses to hold data.


      Any insight is appreciated.



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          Ahmad Fattahi



          Thanks for posting your question in the forum and sorry you are experiencing this problem with PI AF. Chances are a save/check-in step is being missed here. However, as a friendly suggestion, I would like to invite you to forward your question to our regular Tech Support. They are the ones who are very well staffed and specialized in these types of end-user questions and troubleshooting.


          OSIsoft vCampus is a community dedicated to programming and integration with the PI System. We look forward to seeing your programming-related posts in the future