AF items vanishing

Discussion created by kpotter on Oct 22, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2010 by Ahmad Fattahi

I'm running PI System Explorer  Here's an example of the type of thing that's driving me nuts:  I create an element, "MyElement1".  I copy and paste 5 sibling copies, named MyElement2, MyElement3, ... , MyElement6.  I edit each as necessary, and Check in.  Then, I close PI System Explorer, and reopen, and only MyElement1 & MyElement2 exist.  So, I again copy MyElement1 and when I paste it, the default name for the copy is MyElement7.




I copy and paste a table.  I change only the data in the new table.  When I restart PI System Explorer, the new table has no records.  This table forever refuses to hold data.


Any insight is appreciated.