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* You need Infragistics UltraWinGrid (http://www.infragistics.com/dotnet/netadvantage/winforms/wingrid.aspx
* there should be a free demo, Full Version: NetAdvantage Windows Forms 2010 Vol. 3                     $995.0, Reason for using this tool because its Grid is really powerfull, ready to use excel export,.. but replacing it with the default datagrid shouldn't be a big problem


Our Environment (but it should run elsewhere):


* Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Server, Processbook 3.2 + MUI,  PISDK 1.3.387

Feature A: "Matrix View"


* At first we have a lot of precalcuated data (about 25.000 Tags...), a lot of daily averages,...  where all the data is every day at the same time (05:59) or hourly...


* We have a couple of legacy systems where this kind of view is very popular, it is easy to compare values,...
* I also use it to compare timming issues with our batch generator... to see exactly when changes occure, is the change of the batch step after or before the value goes to zero....


Feature B: "Export the Data to excel for  more in detail ana..."


* The processbook has some tools to easily find data and prescreen the data in a graphical way.. (and we added some more..)
* Now they have there set of tags.. the want to further analyze it in excel or matlab or whatever. => so they can export the raw data.
* Sometimes they need more special functions and the use the datalink addin (averages,... => so they can export the tagnames..








Todo or open Feature Requests:

Prio High


* format should be according to digits in the tag configuration
* the header should contain TagName + Description + Unit (two lines)
* a function to fill the empty cells with the last value


Prio Medium
* localization => we want to use it also for our english speaking collegues or other sites
* copy paste
* clean up the name,... it is a very dirty copy from the plugin template.


Prio Low


* Direct export in ready to use datalink functions


Steps to get it to run:


* Install Visual Studio 2008 or late
* Install the Infragistics Package
* Extract the zip, and modifiy the Plugin so it doesn't interfear with your other plugins ... (dirty copy from plugin template...)
* Install it