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    Create Wiki for Information Sharing


      Hello !

      Is it possible to get some kind of wiki on this page.

      I would like to share some information

      * For example list of tools which are working with pi together  (if you looking for further tools for analyzing data, or workflow or reporting,...)
      * List of companies who provide service arround pi
      * Tricks... and Threats..

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          Asle Frantzen

          Hi Wolfgang


          What you describe is actually a "hot topic" these days already.




          This thread discusses the idea of a "3rd party app store" where OSIsoft partners and vCampus users can describe their PI tools and add-on products, so that people can know which partner to turn to when they have PI needs which OSIsoft doesn't offer directly:






          And this thread discusses the need to have a "So, you're new to vCampus" section, so that you easily can get answers for the most common questions here in the forums:



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            Lonnie Bowling

            The nice thing about a wiki, is that the community could take ownership of the content.  If I had a complaint about vCampus after one year is the difficutly of finding answers to my questions when they have already been asked.  Seaches are a pain, because you have to wade through stuff.  Plus it would be nice to be able to just surf the wiki for good information.


            Also, I know there are a ton of ideas thrown out by members to the vCampus team and the feedback is valuable, but I sometimes would like to know a bit more about the status of ideas being consider, like the one presented in this tread.  For example, the 3rd party app idea, it was presented many months ago, but when I asked what was going on, it was still "being considered".  I respect that, but is pretty vague.  At what point is it no/yes/here is what we are thinking and a time frame?


            Overall I'm very happy with what I have gotten from vCampus.



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                Ahmad Fattahi

                I really appreciate all the feedback and ideas. It is very heartwarming to see how much the Community cares about itself


                I do apologize if we did not provide sufficient details on the latest status of the ideas hovering around. But at the same time it doesn't mean we have forgotten about them; in fact far from it. We are constantly thinking and discussing new ideas internally. But we'd like to make sure when we go about something we get it right.


                More specifically about the 3rd-party "app store", we are considering different parts of it. It is not a simple "add a new forum" request. It involves a lot of considerations including its impact on the whole community, legal considerations, level of OSIsoft endorsement and support, and much more. We are weighing all these different factors in. But one thing is for sure and that is that we would love to see more engagement from the Community and value your feedback. I will keep you posted on this.