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    How to determine alias tag in PB Batchview Results component


      If I add an alias column to a ProcessBook BatchView Results component, how do I then determine, through the display's VBA, the actual tag associated with a specific batch in the returned results? I see the ColumnType as pibvColumnAlias for the Columns\Item, but I don't see a way to determine the actual tag for a batch. Anyone have any insights?

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          Ahmad Fattahi

          The BatchGroup.ResultsTable.Columns.Item(#).ColumnType is pibvColumnAlias.


          The BatchGroup.ResultsTable.Columns.Item(#).Source is "AliasName" which gives you the name of the alias. 


          The underlying tag for an alias can be different on different servers.  To find the server and tag name you would have to look in each row of the results, you would need the row number and the alias number or you would have to check each item on the list: 



          Dim myColAlias As pibvResultsColumnConstants
          Dim myColSource As String
          Dim myColPathname As String

          myColAlias = BatchGroup1.ResultsTable.Columns.Item(10).ColumnType
          myColSource = BatchGroup1.ResultsTable.Columns.Item(10).Source
          myColPathname = BatchGroup1.ResultsTable.ResultItems.Item(1).BatchItem.PIUnit.PIAliases.Item(1).DataSource.PathName